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Chinook Skincare

A Journey to your own Radiance

Truly love the skin you are in

Our vision is to give your skin the best that nature has to offer, simply.

Clinically tested botanical extracts in therapeutic doses for nourishing radiance to uncover your natural beauty within. 

Chinook Skincare believes that healthy skin is beautiful at any age, and your skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated to achieve these results.


Megan Houde

Meet Megan Houde, founder & CEO of Chinook Skincare Inc.

Chinook Skincare is the creation of Megan Houde, a board-certified Formula Botanica graduate. Inspired by her health challenges and sensitive skin, Megan looked for natural, clean ingredients to help her regain her naturally radiant skin.

She knew that beauty began from the inside out and wanted to create healthy options that would support the skin with the nourishment it needs as we age.  

Chinook Skincare ~ Simple Beauty, Naturally

About Megan Houde


Chinook Skincare

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Imagine a world filled with ingredients that come from Mother Nature herself, healing, gentle, bioactive & naturally healthy.

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The Intersection of Nature, Nurture & Science ~

Chinook Skincare was inspired by Megan Houde's own health journey & guided by her natural curiosity envisioning a world where nature, nurture & science intersected.

An Honors Graduate with Distinctions from Formula Botanica, Megan studied for 3 years to become a Certified Organic Formulator; and recently completed her Gua Sha Facial Massage Certification.

Chinook Skincare is the result of thousands of hours of study, formulation & fine tuning with real-life focus groups to bring you the best that Mother Nature has to offer.