Key Ingredients

The incredible results of Chinook Skincare can be directly attributed to the key ingredients of the potent, natural botanicals incorporated into their formulations. Chinook Skincare is the creation of Megan Houde, a board certified Formula Botanica graduate. Her own journey to wellness inspired her to create Chinook Skincare, believing that working with Mother Nature was the pathway to radiant, health.

Natural botanicals for nourishing radiance to uncover your natural beauty within.

Here are a few we'd love to highlight ~

SeaBuckthorn Fruit Oil

One of the star ingredients in our Superfruit Cleanser is SeaBuckthorn, a small orange berry packed with essential nutrients, including vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids. Promote healthy-looking skin by helping hydrate and rejuvenate, soothe irritated skin, and help protect it from UV damage. It can help fade blemishes, even your skin tone, and give you that coveted healthy glow.

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Elderberry Seed Oil

Loaded with nutrients for the skin, including plant sterols, carotenoids, antioxidants, tocopherols, and bioflavonoids, which give it a lovely light fruity aroma reminiscent of summer. Highly regenerative, this carrier oil promotes tighter, firmer-looking skin and is soothing for dry, acne and allergy-prone skin. 

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Kakadu Plum

This nutrient-rich fruit is a potent botanical source of antioxidants, including Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Phenolic content (flavonoids & polyphenols), and Ellagic acid, to promote visibly healthy-looking skin, by minimizing the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles for firmer more radiant-looking skin.

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Cranberry Seed Oil

Rich in Antioxidants (Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and phenolic compounds) and balanced Omega fatty acids. This carrier oil may reduce fine lines and wrinkles, promote the skin barrier, is intensely hydrating, and helps brightens the skin.

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Tremella (Snow) Mushroom

A powerful natural hydrator that forms a moisture restoring flexible film to plump and hydrate the skin, support skin firmness, and protect it from damaging environmental pollutants that contribute to the look of prematurely aged skin. Like Hyaluronic Acid, it attracts up to 500 times its weight in water, but it is considered a cleaner, more natural source. 💦

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Pomegranate Seed Oil

Packed with powerful antioxidants (polyphenols, anthocyanins, ellagic acid), vitamins (C, E, B9, K), and fatty acids (punicic acid). It supports the skin against oxidative aging, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, supports firmer-looking skin, is soothing for sensitive skin, and locks in moisture.

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Red Maple Bark

Improve skin firmness and elasticity with this up-cycled extract from the Canadian forestry industry. This extract has high contents of polyphenols and terpenoids, which provide potent antioxidant support for the skin against oxidative aging, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and support firmer-looking skin. 🍁

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Cranberry Biopeptides

Natural biopeptides target multiple signs of premature skin aging. Rejuvenate your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, support the skin barrier function, and enhance the skin’s natural glow and brightness. This extract from up-cycled Canadian cranberries provides a rapid retinol-like action but without irritating side effects for the look of tighter, firmer, and more even skin tone. 💚

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