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Chinook Skincare

The Chinook Cleansing Sponge ~ Large Grey

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At Chinook Skincare, we love you, your skin & Mother Earth. That’s why we created these soft facial pads for use with our nourishing skincare system, which can be washed and reused.

Use The Cleansing Sponge for super soft, gentle cleansing and exfoliation. Easily removes all cosmetics, grease, and impurities with a bit of water. 

Seven premium Facial Pads per bag, each is a soft sponge covered with a rich velour microfibre. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. The large Facial Pads have a finger pocket making them easy to use. Great for all, men, women & youth.

Each Cleansing Sponge can be washed & reused more than 200+ times each. 

Pack of 7 large Grey Sponges in a Silver grey organza bag, one for each day!
Large Grey (12cm diameter); with a Finger pocket for ease of use, packed in a silver grey organza bag.


After cleansing with the Superfruit Gel-to-Milk Cleanser, get The Cleansing Sponge damp with warm water, squeezing out excess. Use on the eyes, neck, and face to remove any excess cleanser while gently exfoliating, leaving skin smooth and polished.

Machine wash and hang to dry.

100% Microfibre Polyester

Chinook Cleansing Sponges will not be accepted for return or exchange.

The Chinook Cleansing Sponge ~ Large Grey
The Chinook Cleansing Sponge ~ Large Grey
The Chinook Cleansing Sponge ~ Large Grey
The Chinook Cleansing Sponge ~ Large Grey
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